ECOM | Basic Customer Login Troubleshooting

Review these tips when your customers are having trouble logging into your ECOM site.

Reviewing How Accounts Connect To ECOM

Customers signing up for accounts on ECOM must connect to the Point of Sale (POS). ECOM accounts match to POS records primarily through phone number and then secondarily through email. What this means for: 

1. Customers Already In Your POS

  • Customers will have to enter the phone number and email that is recorded on their POS customer account for the accounts to merge. If they sign with a different phone number and email, they will create a duplicate account. 
  • If a customer has duplicate accounts with the same phone number/email in the Point of Sale, we will be unable to confirm the account because it can only pair with one. Always check for a duplicate account when customers have login issues.

2. Brand New Customers

  • Customers signing up for the first time will have to enter a unique phone number and email from what is associated with the customers in your Point of Sale 
  • Customers cannot share a phone number/email. You may see partners attempting to share a phone number or email, but only one of each can be associated to one customer account. 

Trouble Shooting Steps 

Step 1: Search for the customer in your POS and check for duplicate accounts with same phone number and/or email 

Step 2: Check the MC vs POS customer accounts to see if their phone number, email, name, and date of birth match up 

Step 3: Check Ecom customer records to see if the customer is confirmed or unconfirmed