ECOM | How to add a Brand Logo and Description

Add a brand logo and description to any brand on the ECOM menu to complete and build SEO directly on the Brand page(s)

  1. Login to your ECOM Mission Control at
  2. Click on the Brands tab.
  3. Find the brand you would like to edit the logo and/or description of.
  4. Select the brand by clicking on the row or the Edit button.
  5. To edit the brand logo, Drag & Drop the image or use the Upload button. Logos should ideally be 250px by 250px jpeg files.
  6. To edit the brand description, paste or type any related text into the Description box. Text can also be edited via the styling and linking tools.
  7. Once complete, click the Save Settings button below the logo upload tool.
  8. You will now be able to refresh the Brand page in your store to view the updated logo and description.

Note: For a brand to sync from the POS to ECOM Mission Control, a Valid for Sale product must be associated with the brand.