ECOM Mobile App | How to Generate Automation API Keys and Admin Permissions for Android Mobile Apps in the Google Play Store

This article explains how to generate API keys for the Android Mobile apps in the the Google Play Store and the grant Admin Permissions.

Fastlane How-To doc:

  1. Open the Google Play Console
  2. Click Setup → API access
  3. Click the Choose a project to link button:
  4. Click Link Project
  5. Click Learn how to create service accounts:
    You will need to scroll down the API Access page until you see 'Service accounts' and the button to 'Learn how to create service accounts' on the right side of it. 
  6. Click Google Cloud Platform:
  7. Click Service Accounts:
  8. Click Create Service Account:
  9. Fill out Service Account Details:

    1. Service account name: Tymber Automation
    2. Service account description: Tymber Automation
  10. Grant Owner role and Click Done:
  11. Click the 3 dots under Actions column for corresponding instance and select Manage Keys:
  12. Click Add Key and select Create new key:
  13. Key type should be JSON:
  14. API Key will be downloaded and saved automatically to your computer. Send the Private key AND JSON file to
  15. Return to the Google Play Console tab and click on Grant Access for the newly added service account at the bottom of the screen (you may need to click Refresh service accounts before it shows up)
    1. For existing Google Service accounts, simply click the View Permissions tab of the most recent Service account.
  16. Select Admin (all permissions) and click Invite user to finish.
    1. For existing Service accounts, just select Admin(all permissions) and click Save.