ECOM Mobile App | Creating Mobile App Developer Accounts

This article will explain how to sign up for mobile app developer accounts in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



  • A DUNS number for the company 
  • An Apple Id needs to be created. This Apple Id will be the developer account administrator. It's better to avoid tying it to an individual person and instead use a section of the organization (support, marketing, administration, mobile) as the entity that will be used to fill the Apple Id information.
    1. Go to ;

    2. Fill in the fields. You need to use an email and phone that you have access to, in order to complete the Apple Id creation, and also the enrollment process. Verification codes will be sent by email and phone. You should use a group email instead of a person email, something like The phone is more difficult to have a shared one, but you can add multiple ones later. You need to have access to the one you pick here or you will not be able to carry on.

    3. Because this will be an Apple ID that does not really represent a person but a company, use First and Last Names that represent the entity who owns your dispensary. Something where you have documentation that shows your entity represents your dispensary.You will have to add a contact later where you will specify your name. For the birthday, use something that makes the account be 18+ years old.

    4. Add more phones to the Apple Id if necessary at!&page=signin .

Enroll in the Development Program

  1. Go to and authenticate with the previously created Apple Id;

  2. Accept terms and conditions;

  3. Enter the personal details of the person that will be responsible for the enrollment process. This person will be contacted via phone call (to the number entered) to confirm that it was authority in the organization to firm a legal agreement with Apple;

  4. Enter the same information on the Romanized section. It's basically the same information as long as you are not using something like a Cyrillic, Chinese etc alphabet. Basically if you are using a Latin alphabet it's the same info. Continue;

  5. Pick the entity, for you use case, a company (different from screenshot). Continue;

  6. Fill the name of the Legal Entity and the DUNS number; Continue;

  7. Fill the organization information and in which capacity the person that is registering the organization is acting on - full autonomy or delegated powers.

    1. Pick full autonomy (I am the owner/founder and have the authority...) and you will not need to provide a reference contact that validates if you are mandated to complete the process;

    2. If with delegated powers (My organization has given me the authority...) you will need to provide a reference to a person in the company that can attest that it delegated the powers to you. Talk to that person so that it is expecting the Apple contact (phone call).

  8. Confirm all the information and submit. Take a note of the enrollment id for future reference.

  9. Apple will then proceed to a verification process and that being finished an email will be sent with instructions to complete the enrollment that will require paying the annual developer fee of $99.

Post Enrollment Actions

  1. Add additional users to the account at the url: following the guide:
  2. Add our Ecom User with Admin and all Additional Permissions. Please add as an admin user with all permission boxes checked. 

Google Play


Let's make a Google account for the app setup. Follow the instructions to create a dedicated account to manage your Google Play Store app.

  1. Go to

  2. If you are logged into an existing Google Account, click 'Switch Account' and then 'Use another account' (see screenshots below)Switch AcctsUse another acct
  3. If you are not logged into an existing Google Account, then do not sign in and proceed to step 4
  4. Pick 'Create account' from the google login account picker
  5. Create a new account

7. Pick use my current email address instead

8. Google does not allow using group emails, so we need to fool them shamelessly by using something like

9. Save all that info.

Create the Google Play Developer Account

1. Go to and pick the previously created account (if coming from the prerequisites step you should be already on step 2).

2. Pick An Organization or Business

3. Fill the form and accepts the terms. Try to use company contacts if possible. They must be reachable to get confirmation codes during the process.

4. Pay

5. Verify Identity: You must verify your identity by uploading a drivers license, passport, or approved photo ID.

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 10.57.38 AM

6. Sign In: Check to see if there are any pending tasks. You may need to resubmit your ID and/or submit your dispensary license to verify your business

 Post Enrollment Actions

1. Add our Ecom User with Admin privileges. Please add as an admin user with all permission boxes checked. 

2. Please let your Onboarding Coach know that the account has been created.