Individual Unit Tracking / Retail ID / Batch Serialization Overview



This is a BETA feature, please test carefully prior to going full steam ahead. Please also contact support and let them know you are trying this out so we can be on standby to learn of any issues you encounter. 

Note: To utilize IUIDs, your vendor(s) will need to support them. We advise you to reach out to your vendors to request they label products with IUIDs and also that they send along details of those IUIDs with each Metrc transfer. With this, you can utilize this feature in your operations. If the vendor is not aware of IUIDs, you can refer them to the Metrc thus allowing the use of the Metrc Retail ID website for more details on how they can enroll and utilize them. The vendor has no added cost to obtain these IUIDs from Metrc.

What is Individual Unit Tracking?

This solution can go by different names (Metrc Retail ID, Batch Serialization, Chroma Signet, etc), but in short, this provides support for a retailer to receive product from a producer/distributor that is already pre-labeled. These QR Code labels are unique per individual unit and are linked to the received batch. Once ingested into BLAZE the individual unit IDs serve as the primary QR Code to be scanned at checkout or fulfillment.

Why use it?

Save time! When products come pre-labeled with Individual Unit IDs, the retailer is able to utilize those IDs for their needs and does not need to batch label the products in order to sell them. This drives greater operational efficiencies. 

This saves significant time as retailers no longer need to take time and manpower to label products that arrive. 

Products that utilize the Metrc Retail ID have a QR code that serves dual purposes. First it can be used for all tracking and transactions in BLAZE, secondly it can be scanned by the customer taking them to the brand managed details page for that product where brands can also decide if they want to include lab results. 

Example Metrc Retail ID Serial QR Codes

In the above example the QR code directs to

This unique URL is actually the serial number of your unit. It also serves as a redirect to a page for more product information (click the link to see), allowing the customers to find out more by simply scanning with their phone camera. 

How does it work?

In short, when you purchase your wholesale products, they can come pre-labeled with a unique QR code on every single unit. When you receive those products into BLAZE, you ingest the QR codes into the batch, thus tying them all to the received batch for inventory and sales. 

Metrc has it’s own standard for this called Retail ID that allows the brands to control these and then provide you the data for ingesting the unit IDs and having them properly tied to the sales batch. 

Other vendors also have custom implementations of this. BLAZE supports serialized units from most vendors. The only requirement is that the wholesaler is able to provide you a CSV list of the IDs for each batch. You can then ingest this when receiving the batches and no re-labeling is needed!

I have serialized products coming, what now? 

Check out our support article on Working With and Receiving Products with Individual Unit Tracking to get going now!

How do I know if the vendor I purchase from supports this? 

Ask them. Most any seller in a Metrc state can engage Metrc to start utilizing Metrc Retail ID.

Tell them you want their products to better engage consumers and you also want to to save thousands of dollars a year not having to relabel products they send you, then direct them to the Retail ID page for Metrc. 

Do any Brands Support Unit Tracking or Retail ID today? 

Yes, a number of brands are already working through beta tests with customers, some with their own serialization and others with Metrc's Retail ID. Below are brands that are currently known to publicly support Retail ID (this list is not exhaustive, just ask your brand, they might support it already).

Known Brands that Support Retail ID

BRAND State(s)
Glasshouse Brands CA
URSA Extracts CA
Level CA, NV, NY
Holistic Industries CA, PA, MA, MI, MD