Insights (Advanced) | Admin - Staffing Heatgrid # Transactions and Transaction Time

This report will show the average number of transactions by date by hour and the average number of seconds to process the transaction.

  • Blaze Insights > Browse > Reports > Insights (Advanced) > Admin
  • Enter the Date Range
  • Select the Company
  • Select the Shop(s)
  • Enter Queue Type
  • Enter the Delivery Zip Code(s)
  • Enter the Delivery City
  • Enter Region
  • Click Apply

This report will list the following information based on the filters selected.

  • Date: 
  • Hour: Military hour of the day
  • # Transactions: Number of transactions
  • Avg Start to End (sec): Number of secs to process the transaction

NOTE:  Reference this link for common definitions and calculations.


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