Insights (Standard) | Accounting - Vertical Summary Breakout

This report provides you with the Vertical Summary Breakout of the sales totals.

  • Blaze Insights > Browse > Reports > Insights (Standard) > Accounting
  • Enter the Date range
  • Select the Shop or Shops to include in this report
  • Select the Company
  • Select the member Group if desired
  • Click Apply

The following summary information is contained in this report

  • Queue Type:  Totals by Queue
  • Trans Type:  Transaction Type
  • Total Due: Net Revenue + Total Tax (Post Taxes Only) - After Tax Discount + Payment Fees (ACH, CC, BLAZEPay, etc) + Adjustments + Rounding.
  • Gross Revenue:  multiplying the retail value of the product sold without discounts, taxes, or fees by quantity sold.
  • Pre AL Excise Tax:  Total of excise pre-taxes applied for AL (Arms Length) sales.
  • Post AL Excise Tax:  Total of excise post-taxes applied for AL (Arms Length) sales.
  • Pre NAL Excise Tax:  Total of excise pre-taxes applied for NAL (Non-Arms Length) sales.
  • NOTE: The vendor of the product determines whether AL or NAL excise tax is applied.
  • Post NAL Excise Tax:  Total of excise post-taxes applied for NAL (Non-Arms Length) sales.
  • Pre City Tax:  Total of city pre-taxes applied.
  • Post City Tax:  Total of city post-taxes applied
  • Pre County Tax:  Total of county pre-taxes applied.
  • Post County Tax:  Total of county post-taxes applied.
  • Pre State Tax:  Total of state pre-taxes applied.
  • Post State Tax:  Total of state post-taxes applied.
  • Pre Federal Tax:  Total of federal pre-taxes applied.
  • Post Federal Tax:  Total of federal post-taxes applied.
  • Pre-Tax Discounts: Total amount of Pre-Tax Discounts
  • After Tax Discounts: Total amount of After Tax Discounts
  • BLAZEPAY Fees:  Total BLAZEPAY Fee
  • Credit/Debit Card Fees:  Total Credit/Debit Card fees
  • ACH Fees:  Total ACH Fees
  • Delivery Fees:  Total Delivery fees
  • Adjustments:  Total Adjustments
  • Rounded Amount:
  • Cost of Goods Sold: Total amount of the Cost of Goods Sold.  To calculate this, BLAZE uses the batch COG on a unit level and applies it to the quantity being purchased by the customer to get COGS. This does not include excise tax; excise tax is a separate line item.
  • Net Revenue:  Gross Revenue - Pre-Tax Discounts + Delivery Fees (split per weighted price)
  • Net Margin:  Net Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold
  • # Transactions: Total number of transactions for the filters selected

NOTE:  Reference this link for common definitions and calculations.