Insights (Standard) | Admin - Created by Employee Rollup

This report will provide you with the sales performance by the employee that created the transaction.

  • Blaze Insights > Browse > Reports > Insights (Standard) > Admin
  • Enter the Date Range for sales
  • Select the Shop or Shops 
  • Select the Company 
  • Select the Employees 
  • Select the Brand 
  • Select the Product 
  • Select the Product Category 
  • Select Cannabis, non-cannabis, or both 
  • Select the Flower type 
  • Click Apply

The report will contain the following information per employee

  • Employee:  Employee Name
  • # Transactions: How many transactions were created by this employee
  • Net Revenue:  Net Revenue for orders created by this employee
  • Total Units Sold:  Total number of units sold by the employee
  • Total Discounts:  Total amount of discounts given by this employee
  • Average Order:  Average order amount for this employee
  • Average Transaction Length (min):  Average transaction time for this employee

NOTE:  Reference this link for common definitions and calculations.