ECOM | Maximize Menu SEO

Your menu has many opportunities to connect what potential customers are searching for to the content written on your site. Check out our recommendations below to see if you are maximizing your ECOM menu.

Part 1: Product Titles and Descriptions

Your product card is edited within your POS and then copied over to your ECOM menu. It is helpful that you include a good product title and description for each of your products. 

Pro-tip: Maximize your product cards through high quality images that are all consistently sized. A visually appealing product catalogue will drive more orders.

Click here for our article on product image best practices

Part 2: Category Descriptions 

The ECOM will import all of your POS product categories into the Mission Control "Categories" tab. Within the Categories tab, you can click into each category and write a description that will appear below the category title on the menu. This can drive traffic from customers searching for cannabis through general and/or categorical terminology. 

You can also do this for your Featured Categories, as you shoutout any special deals or sales. 

Part 3: Brand Pages

Customers can click the brand names on your menu to view your brand pages. If you want to make the most of brand exposure, set up a brand logo and description to appear on these pages. This will help drive traffic from searches related to brand-specific terminology.