ECOM | Payment Options configuration

This article will explain how to configure Payment Options displayed on the checkout screen.

  • Payment Options names come directly from the Point of Sale.
  • Payment Options must be enabled in the POS to be made active in Mission Control.
  • Mission Control allows you to change the display name of a payment option on the check out screen, while keeping the payment aligned with your POS.
  1. To configure Payment Options, login to your Mission Control at, click on the Settings tab and select the Payment Options tab.
  2. The grey Payment Option name comes directly from the Point of Sale. To edit the  display name, click the edit icon for that specific payment option.
  3. For example, you can change the display name "Cashless ATM" to "Debit", which may be a more recognizable payment option for customers.
  4. Optional fees that are setup in the Point of Sale for each payment option are also visible to customers in the checkout process. For example, there is a $5 fee assigned to the cashless_atm payment option, which we have renamed to Debit. The fee is automatically added to the Cart Totals when Debit is selected for payment.

To recap:

  • The payment option name in grey is coming directly from the Point of Sale.
  • The display name is editable in MC and will stay aligned with the POS payment option when renamed.
  • Optional fees are visible to customers.
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