Retail | Mix & Match Pricing

You can now apply Mix & Match pricing easily and quickly on the web and also using the iPad app. Set up via the web by clicking the "Same price mix and match" checkbox, after clicking Edit Product at the product you wish to use mix and match pricing

Here a few things to know about Mix & Match pricing

  • You must enable Mix & Match pricing for every desired product 
  • The products you intend to use Mix & Match pricing must be assigned to the same pricing template
  • Pricing templates are limited to 8 items/quantity, if a user orders more than 8, the pricing template and mix & match pricing will restart. Link for creating pricing templates. 

Mix & Match Pricing Must Have the Same Pricing Template

For example, say you wanted to have Mix & Match pricing enabled for OG Kush and Blue Dream. The pricing for both products MUST be the same across all ranges using Pricing Templates (see below) to have Mix & Match pricing applied.

  • 1 gram for $15
  • 1/8th for $45
  • 1/4th for $80
  • 1/2th for $155
  • 1 OZ for $300

With this example, when you add a 1/8th of Blue Dream and a 1/8th of OG Kush to the cart, the system will apply the Mix & Match price so each 1/8th price is $40 dollars instead of the standard $45 dollars. The new cart total will be $80 dollars; which is the 1/4th price.

Using Mix & Match Pricing on the iPad

Nothing changes! Simply add the two different 1/8ths to the cart and the system will automatically apply the Mix & Match pricing and label each line item with (Mix & Match).