ECOM | Strikethrough Pricing: Treez POS

How to enable strikethrough pricing on your ECOM menu within the Treez POS

Learn how to set up strikethrough prices like the menu below!


Step 1: Create a discount in Treez 

Note: If you add any 'New Conditions' to the discount (pictured below), the discount won't show as a strikethrough until the item is added to the cart

  • The discount will still apply to the order and the strikethrough price will show in the cart after the item is added


Step 2: Ensure your discount and product groups are toggled 'On' in Treez


Step 3: In Mission Control, navigate to Settings > Integration > Treez to ensure that 'Show Discounts in Treez Menu' is toggled On within your Treez settings


The discounts will not apply to the menu until the next sync. Syncs are expected to automatically occur every 15-30 minutes.