Insights (Standard) | Accounting - Cannabis Sales by Category

This report provides you with the Cannabis Sales by Category

  • Blaze Insights > Browse > Reports > Insights (Standard) > Accounting
  • Enter the Date range
  • Select the Shop or Shops to include in this report
  • Select the Company
  • Select the Brand if desired
  • Click Apply

This report will list the Category of Cannabis products in rows and the columns will provide you with the sales information from the date range selected.  The first row will contain the totals for this report.

  • Category: The category of the sold products
  • Quantity:  Number of products sold for this category
  • Net Revenue:  Gross Revenue - Pre-Tax Discounts + Delivery Fees (split per weighted price)
  • Gross Revenue:  Price multiplied by the quantity of product sold
  • Cost of Goods Sold:  Unit cost multiplied by the number of products sold
  • Total Discounts:  Total dollar amount of discounts for the sales in this category
  • Total Excise Tax:  Total excise tax amount for these sales of this category
  • # Transactions:  Number of transactions in this category

NOTE:  Reference this link for common definitions and calculations.