Insights (Standard) | Accounting - Product Sales Category -> Product

This report provides you with an analysis of products sold by category for a date range.

  • Blaze Insights > Browse > Reports > Insights (Standard) > Accounting
  • Enter the Date Range
  • Select the Company
  • Select the Shop or Shops to include in this report
  • Enter the Queue type
  • Select Cannabis or Non-Cannabis  
  • Enter the Brand
  • Enter the Product Category
  • Enter the Transaction Type
  • Enter the Transaction Status
  • Click Apply


The following summary information will report on the different payment types total due on the dates selected.

  • Product Category: Product category
  • Net Revenue: Gross Revenue - Pre-Tax Discounts + Delivery Fees (split per weighted price)
  • Gross Revenue: multiplying retail value of product sold without discounts, taxes, or fees  by quantity sold.
  • Total discounts: Total of all discounts
  • Cost of Goods sold: Represents the Unit Cost of the item multiplied by Quantity Sold. 
  • Total Excise Tax: Total of all excise tax
  • Quantity: Number of units sold
  • # Transactions: Number of transactions

NOTE:  Reference this link for common definitions and calculations.