Insights (Standard) | Accounting - Purchase Orders w/ Shipment Bills

This report provides you with the Purchase Orders that meet the filter criteria.

  • Blaze Insights > Browse > Reports > Insights (Standard) > Accounting
  • Enter the Purchase Order Date Range
  • Enter the Delivery Date Range
  • Enter the Completed Date Range
  • Select the Company
  • Select the Shop or Shops to include in this report
  • Select the Purchase Order Status
  • Click Apply

The following information is provided in this report for each Purchase Order.

  • Shop:  Shop name
  • PO Number: PO Number
  • Shipment Bill Number: Shipment bill number
  • PO Status: PO status
  • PO Date: PO date
  • Delivery Date: Delivery Date
  • Completed Date:  Completed Date
  • Vendor: Vendor Name
  • Total Cost: Total cost of the PO
  • Total Discount: Total discount on the PO
  • Excise Tax:  Excise tax on the PO
  • Total Tax: Total tax on the PO
  • Grand Total: Grand total of the PO
  • Amount Paid:  Amount Paid
  • Amount Unpaid:  Amount Unpaid
  • Payment Terms  Payment Terms
  • PO Reference:  PO Reference
  • Shipment Bill Reference:  Shipment Bill Reference

NOTE:  Reference this link for common definitions and calculations.