Insights (Standard) | Inventory - Sales Breakdown by Inventory Location

This report provides the sales breakdown by the inventory location

  • Blaze Insights > Browse > Reports > Insights (Standard) > Inventory
  • Enter the Date Range
  • Select the Shop or Shops to include in this report
  • Select the Company
  • Enter the Transaction type(s)
  • Enter the Transaction status
  • Click Apply

This report will list the following information based on the filters selected.


  • Inventory Location:  Inventory location
  • Total Due:  Net Revenue + Total Tax (Post Taxes Only) - After Tax Discount + Payment Fees (ACH, CC, BLAZEPay, etc) + Adjustments + Rounding
  • Gross Revenue:  The retail value of product sold without discounts, taxes, or fees multiplied by quantity sold
  • Net Revenue:  Gross Revenue - Pre-Tax Discounts + Delivery Fees (split per weighted price)
  • Total Batch Tax:  All Excise Taxes + All City/County/State/Federal taxes
  • Total Excise Tax:  All excise taxes
  • Product Discounts:  Product discount amount
  • Cart Discounts:  Cart discount amount
  • After Tax Discounts:  Discount amount after tax
  • Extended Cost:  
  • Net Margin:  Net Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold
  • Margin %:  

NOTE:  Reference this link for common definitions and calculations.