Retail | BLAZE x Where's Weed Integration

Where's Weed is one of the many 3rd parties that BLAZE integrates with to help display your menu to a wider audience!

Please review the FAQs before following the simple steps below to integrate your BLAZE account with Where's Weed


1. In BLAZE, navigate to Global Settings > Company Settings > Developer Keys

  • Click the Add Key button in the upper-righthand corner
  • Select the shop name
  • Enter the Key Name, "Where's Weed" (can be any nomenclature, but it helps to name it after the platform you're integrating with)
  • Set Status to Active
  • Keep Sales & Members inactive
  • Click the Save button

2. Copy the generated Key (not the Secret)

3. In Where's Weed, navigate to Menu & Products

  • Find POS Integration > click the Setup button
  • Select BLAZE as the POS
  • Paste the copied generated Key in BLAZE API Key
  • Click the Save button

4. In 5 minutes, your BLAZE menu will populate to Where's Weed!