Retail | How to Return Items to a Vendor

Sometimes items need to be returned to vendors: a duplicate PO was created, there is an issue with the item, etc. This article will walk through how to return an item to a vendor.

NOTE: The items need to be located in the Safe inventory


1. Navigate to the Inventory section on the left-hand side. Click on either All or the desired category.


2. Click on the desired product. This will redirect you to the product's profile page. 


3. Click on the Batches tab. Click on the blue "Return to Vendor" button of the desired batch.

2019-12-08 (4)

  • Enter the desired Quantity to return (NOTE: This batch needs to be in the Safe inventory)
  • Add any desired Notes
  • Click the blue Save button

2019-12-08 (9)


5. Click the blue Refresh Inventory button.

2019-12-08 (10)

2019-12-08 (12)



Q: How do I cancel / revert returning to a vendor?
A: There is no button that reverts this action. However, an inventory reconciliation can be performed to rectify the returned inventory. NOTE: Select "Do Not Adjust Metrc" when reconciling. 

Q: Does returning to a vendor affect Metrc?
A: No, returning to a vendor does NOT affect Metrc.


If you have further questions, please reach out to us at !