ECOM | ECOM Menu Styling Assets

Different styling components for your ECOM Menu

The ecommerce menu can be styled with your brand's logo, browser favicon, primary font, primary font color and button color.

The menu comes standard with sofia-pro, sans-serif font and black (#000000) font/button colors.

To have our team style your menu accordingly, please provide the following items or a Brand Guide to your Onboarding Manager:

  • (1) Header logo for a white background (recommended height: 60px)
  • (1) Primary Font
  • (1) Primary Font Color hexcode
  • (1) Primary Button Color hexcode
  • (1) Browser Favicon image (recommended size: 32x32px)

PLEASE NOTE: Primary Font must be available Google Fonts or Adobe Fonts.

To learn about how to provide Site Titles and Page Descriptions, please click see the knowledge base articles below: