ECOM | Managing Product Tags

This article will explain how to manage product tags in Mission Control.

  1. All tags derive from the Point of Sale. To utilize this feature, please configure tags within your POS first.
  2. Tags can be viewed in your store by a customer in the Filters section. Customers can filter by specific tags, so that products associated with specific tags are displayed.
  3. When a customer filters by a tag in the store, products associated with that tag (or multiple tags) will be displayed by Category. Customers can then scroll through the filtered results or click on a specific Category to view products with the filtered tag associated.
  4. To make edits to the tags, login to your Mission Control at
  5. Click on the Tags tab to view tags that have been created and synced from the POS. Tag Titles and Descriptions can be edited and toggled between Is Featured/Not Featured by clicking on the Edit button to the right of the tag row.
    1. We have another detailed knowledge base article that explains how to edit and use tags to create a featured section in your store. This goes into more detail about the Is Featured/Not Featured option.
  6. To make the product associated with the Inactive tag searchable again, the tag would need to be removed from the product in the POS.
  7. Edit the Title and Description text and click the Save button. This text will now display in the store as a Category when the tag is set to Active and Is Featured.
    The Title will also replace the name of the tag on the Filter section shown in Step 2
  8. Click the Not Featured/Is Featured toggle to switch between those options, then click the Save Button.
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