ECOM | Marketing Consent

ECOM has customizable marketing consent that allows customers to opt in or out of marketing communications.

Collecting marketing consent is easy with ECOM. There are two fields with customizable text descriptions that can be edited in Mission Control by navigating to General > Store Configuration.

These marketing consent fields show up on the sign up form and in the my account section of your ECOM menu as shown below.

Now that you know how to customize the marketing consent fields for display on your ECOM ecommerce store - let's discuss what those fields are connected to.


When a customer opts in or out of marketing consent on your ecommerce store, that consent will sync with Blaze POS because Blaze has these fields in the POS system.

Treez and Cova do not have fields for marketing consent, therefore these selections on ECOM will not sync into these POS systems.


ECOM's marketing consent fields are synced into Klaviyo's email marketing platform through ECOM's integration with Klaviyo. To learn more about how ECOM marketing consent interacts with Klaviyo see the knowledge base article here > ECOM Klaviyo Integration


See the knowledge base article on how ECOM marketing consent interacts with springbig here > ECOM Springbig Integration