ECOM | Product data (mg vs %, strain type, name, description, etc)

This article will explain what each product data display field represents.

  1. The product data that is displayed to a customer when they click onto a product is derived from the Point of Sale. Please consult your POS on how to create and edit product data.
  2. Brand name of the product being viewed.
  3.  Product name: Product names can have the item's weight or included quantity included in the text.
  4. Weight per Unit: The weight per unit must be set to the amount of cannabis in the product via the POS and this will display to the customer when configured.
  5. Flower/Cannabis type: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid 
  6. Product Potency: CBD and THC measurements in milligrams (mg).
  7. Product Concentration:CBD and THC concentrations in percentages.
  8. Product Description contains the important details about the product for customers.
  9. Product image: An accurate and correctly sized product image is important for a positive shopping experience.
  10. Product price is derived from the POS.
  11. Product tags: These tags can be configured in the POS to assist customers in finding specific products via the Filters. Customers can click directly on the tag on the product page to see all products associated with that specific tag.
  12. Product Category: Brand products can be configured in the POS to be listed within specific Product Categories.

⚠️Only THC and CBD values are shown on the ECOM menu