Retail | BLAZE x Tymber Integration

BLAZE Retail Integrates with Tymber to check advanced shopping experience, marketing automation, and account manager backed by real Designers in BLAZE without having to leave the BLAZE Retail app.

      • An unmatched online shopping experience (one-click add to card, suggested products, product reviews, enhanced onboarding, product reviews, and more...)
      • Done-for-your email automation and campaign templates (product reviews, customer satisfaction, abandon cart, abandon onboarding, customer loyalty, referrals, and more...)
      • A dedicated account manager and a full-service agency are available a la carte.
      • Manage your inventory and automatically sync your online sales with BLAZE Retail.


1.  Request additional seats if needed. 

2.  Set up Your Online Store.

3.  Create the Developer API Key.

4.  Reach out to Tymber to complete the integration.