Retail | How to Set Up a Product Profile to Receive Metrc Packages

Here, we will walk through how to set up a product profile to receive Metrc packages.

 Within the product profile in BLAZE, there are two essential fields that will need to match what is associated with the package in your Metrc account: Metrc Category and Weight Per Unit.

1. Metrc Category: This information can be found from your Metrc package "Category." 
Edit the product within BLAZE to make changes to the 'Metrc category' field as it shows in Metrc. 

2. Weight Per Unit: This information will be provided per package's "Quantity" field in Metrc.

For each product you're receiving in BLAZE, you will need to adjust the above fields within the product profile in BLAZE to match.

For Weight Per Unit / Quantity, it will come from a vendor either as "Each," or specific weight unit.


1. Flower: Grams (g)

Metrc: Category = Flower // BLAZE: Metrc Category = Flower

Metrc: Quantity = 224g // BLAZE: Weight Per Unit = (Half_Gram, Whole_Gram, Eighth, Custom.) 

NOTE: Since the Metrc quantity is in "grams" you will need to specify this package by a weight option, per unit (ie NOT Each).
2. Flower: pre-packaged weight - each

Metrc: Category = Flower (pre-packaged weight - each)  // BLAZE: Metrc Category = Flower (pre-packaged weight - each)

Metrc: quantity = Each // BLAZE: weight per unit = Each

Once the above fields have been set up to match the products' details from Metrc, you are ready to receive that package!


There are two places you will receive this package: it must be received in Metrc first for it to then be available to be received into BLAZE.

1. After doing the above steps - checking your BLAZE products to verify all packages they'll be ready to be received accurately - you can then receive that transfer in your Metrc account.
2. After the transfer is received in Metrc, The packages / transfer will be available to receive in BLAZE. 

Where to then receive these items in BLAZE? There are a few options, listed in the following links:

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Metrc Packages Intake
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Add Hoc by "add batch"