Retail | Setting up Missouri Purchase Limits


Note: More information on Missouri Purchase limits can be found here. 


  • Medical limit is 32 MMEs or 4 ounces of cannabis and its equivalents in a 30-day period.
    • 1 MME = 3.5g Marijuana
    • 1 MME = 1g concentrate
    • 1 MME = 100mg THC infused product
  • Missouri Product types and their limits are tracked the following way:
    • Marijuana Concentrates > Weight per unit at the product level
    • Marijuana > Weight per unit at the product level 
    • Edible Marijuana Product > Net Weight at the product level
    • Plants/Seeds > Per unit at the product level 

Current Shop Settings

  • Log in to BLAZE and select the retail location.
  • Click the Go to Location button  
  • Global Settings > Current Shop Settings
  • Verify that your state is set to Missouri


Manage Categories

  • Retail > Inventory > Manage Catagories     

okcategory (1)


  • See the support article Managing Product Categories for more information
  • You will need to assign the following:
    • Category type: Cannabis or Non-Cannabis 
    • Cannabis Type: See the table below 
    • Category Unit: Units or Grams   

NOTE:  Use the table below to populate the Cannabis Type for the categories. These categories will be used to pull the purchase limits for Missouri.  


Blaze Cannabis Type MO Cannabis Type
Non-Cannabis NA
CBD-Cannabis Marijuana
CBD-Cannabis-Flower Marijuana
CBD-Pre-Roll NA
Concentrate Marijuana concentrate
Non-Concentrate Marijuana
Edible THC infused product
Extract Marijuana concentrate
Dry Flower Marijuana
Kief Marijuana concentrate
Dry Leaf Marijuana
Liquid THC infused product
Suppository THC infused product
Tincture THC infused product
Topical THC infused product
Oil Marijuana concentrate
Pre-Roll Marijuana

Verifying Weight Per Unit Items are setup correctly:

See the support article How to Create a Product for more information

Concentrate Products Example:

  • Inventory > All > Select Product or Add Product at the top
    • Cannabis Type: Concentrate or equivalent of Marijuana Concentrate
    • Weight Per Unit: Grams

Edible Marijuana Products Example:

  • Inventory > All > Select Product or Add Product at the top
    • Cannabis Type: Edible or equivalent of THC Infused Product
    • Weight Per Unit: Custom
    • Custom Weight Option: ounces/grams based on the Net weight of the Edible

Marijuana Product Example:

  • Inventory > All > Select Product or Add Product at the top
    • Cannabis Type: Flower or equivalent of Marijuana
    • Weight Per Unit: Grams