Retail | How to Create a Product

How to Create a Product

To add a new product to BLAZE, follow these steps - or jump down to the video demonstrating these below!

1. In BLAZE Retail, navigate to Inventory on the left-hand sidebar and select the category you want to add a product to.

2. Select the category you want to enter inventory into, then click Add Product.

  • Enter the product name, pricing, cannabis type, sell type - recreational, medicinal, or both - corresponding vendor(s) for the product, brand, product description, and Weight Per Unit.
  • NOTE: If you haven't added any vendors yet, do so via the sidebar under Vendors. Brands can also be added under Brands on the sidebar.
  • If you have a predefined SKU, you can set it, or we will automatically create one for the product. If you have product pictures available, you can upload them now or later. Once finished, click Save.

Adding a new product:

NOTE: If you're a Metrc-compliant shop, your flower product's weight cannot be set at Each.
For more information on setting your Metrc-compliant products' weight-per-unit, click here.

Adding Inventory to Products

Once you've added a new product, you can add inventory to it. BLAZE Retail offers four ways to do so:

  • Add inventory to multiple products at once, using BLAZE's PO features for tracking and processing: Create a PO
  • Manually add inventory to individual products:  "Add Batch" feature
  • Add inventory to multiple products by way of shipping manifest: Receive Metrc Transfer
  • Add inventory to individual products directly, using their Metrc package details: Metrc Packages Intake

NOTE: The latter two methods are only available to Metrc-complaint shops.