Retail | Setting up Sale Price

This article will outline the ways to set a "Sale Price" for 1 product or even a group/s of products.

The "Sale Price" feature is intended to give you the ability to set a lower Retail Value, for a short period of time or indefinitely. It is NOT a custom discount/promotion/reward. This feature will work in conjunction with your online menu's if you are using our widget, our woocommerce extension, Tymber, or Weedmaps.  

**If you are using the Blaze widget/Woocommerce extension, the Retail Value will still be displayed on the Menu, but when the customer gets to finalizing their order, the Sales Price will take effect.


Setting up Sale Price 

This feature can be put into action in 3 different ways: 


  • Individually through the Product Profile > Prices ($ value only)



  • Q: How will this show up in reports?
    A: This will be reported as a Retail Value. There is NOT a "Sale Price" to reference against the regular "Retail Value."
  • Q: On my Weedmaps menu, the price isn't 100% matching up. What's going on there? 
    A: The way WM calculates sales prices is solely through percentages. So when whole numbers are used as the sales price within the product profile, WM translates it to be as close as possible to a percentage amount. There will be some slight discrepancies when displayed on WM, but when the order comes through to BLAZE via WM Online Ordering, it will be with the correct sales price shown in the product profile in BLAZE. If you want to apply sales prices as percentages, you can apply the sales price in bulk