ECOM | The BLAZE ECOM Kiosk experience

This article will explain the ECOM Kiosk menu experience.

Please note that to utilize the Kiosk feature, your Onboarding Coach must enable it for an extra cost.

  1. Once active, customers will be able to place a delivery order to whichever kiosk location they are at.
    1. There is no account login/logout required for kiosk orders.
    2. Customers will only need their first/last name and a phone number.
    3. Customers will need to verify the phone number with the six digit code.
    4. Once the order is placed, customers will receive email notifications on the status of their order.
  2. Orders placed through a kiosk are coded in Tymber Mission Control Orders as Kiosk.
  3. If a customer has an existing account and uses the same phone number, the order will be added to their Order History.
  4. A customer's default delivery order address will not be overwritten their the kiosk address.
  • The Order Confirmation page will reset back to the Kiosk menu after 30 seconds; ready for the next customer to use the device
  • Kiosk orders will be tagged in Mission Control and BLAZE Retail POS Dispatch as a Kiosk order