ECOM | Understanding your Domain's DNS Settings after launching ECOM

This article will explain the unique DNS Records that are entered to your Domain Settings for the ECOM.

ECOM is connected to your content site and domain via a unique proxy and finalized by the DNS records discussed below. It is crucial that if your domain settings have any of the DNS records explained below, that they NOT be changed without notifying your ECOM POC or the ECOM Support team

  • This article explains the adding of the DNS records.

Once the ECOM has been launched, your domain settings will display some unique records that were inputted to complete the proxy connection to your content site/domain.

The two records that you will see are listed below:

  1. A record for the root domain ROOT DOMAIN (
  2. CNAME record for the www version of the site:

⚠️These two DNS records must not be changed without notifying the ECOM Support team. Editing or removing of these records will result in the proxy being disrupted and the content site and ECOM becoming unavailable on the web.⚠️

If you have any questions regarding these, please reach out to and our Support team can assist!