Retail | Stronghold Overview

In this article, you will find what Stronghold is, why you should use it, and an overview of our Stronghold resources.

What is Stronghold?

Stronghold is an ACH provider that has partnered with BLAZE. Our integration will enable you to collect pre-payment for deliveries & pick up orders and one-click in-store payments.

Customer places an order

Stronghold is available as a payment method for all platforms. Weedmaps, Leafly, Woocommerce, iHeartJane, Dutchie, it doesn't matter where your customer's order, if it comes into BLAZE as an incoming order you can use this integration.

Order accepted in BLAZE POS

When your customers place orders, accept their incoming orders in the BLAZE POS.

The customer is sent an SMS with a payment link

Once you accept an incoming order the customer receives an automatic SMS from Stronghold with a link to pay for their products in advance.

 Customer picks up or has order delivered

After payment, you only need to worry about giving the customer their order! Stronghold takes payment collection out of the picture so you can focus on the customer experience!


Stronghold Documents Overview

Setting Up Stronghold: Find how to set up Stronghold within the BLAZE platform.

Using Stronghold: Find how to accept payment through Stronghold within the BLAZE platform.

Stronghold Order Tags: Find out here what each ACH order tag indicates.