California Delivery Changes for Jan 1, 2023

The DCC is currently finalizing new delivery regulations that will go into effect January 1, 2023. While these regulations are not yet finalized, we do have some clarity for which we have made changes to ensure your continued compliance.

What’s changing:

  • The DCC will require an inventory ledger for all retail deliveries starting January 1, 2023, this can be electronic or physical. 
  • Metrc will provide a new integration for providers to send inventory ledger information directly to the compliance platform.  

What is BLAZE doing:

  • BLAZE has built an inventory ledger to meet the January 1, 2023 guidance. 
  • Preparing for the addition of Metrc retail delivery sales reporting capabilities to the application. This functionality is unique to the state of CA. We are waiting for further clarification on details from the state of CA.  
  • The compliance team will continue to monitor for updates from the DCC as they finalize the proposed delivery regulations. We will provide separate guidance once those regulations are finalized.

What you need to do: