Retail | How to Add Non-Cannabis Items

Looking to add batteries, rolling papers, pipes, or any other non-cannabis items? This article will go over the steps to do so and some helpful tips. Navigate to the desired section below to learn more.

How to Add Non-Cannabis Items

Create a Non-Cannabis Product

1. In BLAZE Retail, navigate to Inventory > All OR select a specific category

  • Click the Add Product button
  • Enter the following mandatory information:
    • Product name: Name of the product
    • Cannabis type: Select from the drop-down list
    • Category: Select a category that has a Category type of Non-Cannabis


NOTE: Cannabis or Non-Cannabis taxes will be based on the Category Type of the Category selected.


    • Weight per unit: Each
    • Retail value
    • Vendor
  • Other information is optional, but helpful to fill out. Any optional information can be added later after creating the product.
    NOTE: If you have a predefined SKU, you can set it, or we will automatically create one for the product.
  • Click the Save button 

Add Inventory to the Non-Cannabis Product

Inventory for non-cannabis items can be added in a couple of different ways in BLAZE:

Helpful Tips

  • Make sure you have your non-cannabis tax rates set up in your Global Settings > Current Shop Settings > Tax Options > Non-Cannabis Tax.



Updated:  Jan 2023