Retail POS App | Two-Step Fulfillment

Two-Step Fulfillment in the POS App.

Our Two-Step Fulfillment System involves 2 main steps: Preparing and Fulfilling the order.

This Checkout Type is designed for orders that have two employees processing an order. One employee prepares the order, and the other employee fulfills and checks out the order. Navigate to the sections below to learn more. 

Global Settings

Before using the Two-Step Fulfillment System, it must be enabled for the terminal(s) using it. This can be done on the Web in Global Settings

  • Navigate to BLAZE > Global Settings > Current Shop Settings > Terminals
  • Click the Edit button for the desired Terminal to be enabled for Two-Step Fulfillment
  • Checkout Type: Select the Fulfillment option 
  • Click the Save button
  • Repeat as necessary
  • The modified Terminal(s) are now ready to process orders using BLAZE's Two-Step Fulfillment

Three-Step Fulfillment 1-1

Prepare the Order

New orders can be processed by looking up an Existing Member or creating a New Member

Existing Member

1. If a Member already exists, navigate to Members 

  • Search the member's name in the search bar
  • Tap the Add to Queue button

Three-Step Fulfillment 2-1

2. A popup will appear

  • Assign the Member to an available Employee or leave Unassigned
  • Select which Queue (Delivery, Walk-In, or Special) to add them to (These may be different than the ones you see, depending upon your Queues selected in Global Settings).

Three-Step Fulfillment 3-1

3. Navigate to Retail > Unassigned or My Queue > Prepare

  • Tap on the Member recently added to the selected Queue

Three-Step Fulfillment 4-1

NOTE: To continue preparing the order, skip to step 5 in the following New Member section.


New Member

1. To sign up a New Member, navigate to Retail > Unassigned > Prepare

  • Tap on the New Order button

NOTE: This can be done in any of the Queues available.


Three-Step Fulfillment 5-1


2. Either scan the Member's ID with a compatible scanner or manually enter the Member's ID by tapping the Manually Enter DL button.

Three-Step Fulfillment 6-1


3. Enter the Member's First and Last nameBirth DateSexDriver's License NumberExpiration Date, and Consumer Type; these are mandatory.

  • For deliveries, the Member's Address (Street, Zip Code, City, and State) is also mandatory
  • The Contact information (Phone Number and Email Address) help lookup the Member when they return; Phone Number is mandatory for deliveries
  • When done, tap the blue Next button

Three-Step Fulfillment 7-1


4. Either tap the Add to Queue or Start Order buttons.

Three-Step Fulfillment 8-1


5. Select the desired products. 

  • Then tap the Checkout button

Three-Step Fulfillment 9-1


6. Once redirected to the Checkout Summary.

  • Apply applicable Promos, Rewards, and/or Discounts
  • Ensure that the rung up order matches what they have asked for
  • Then tap the Send to Fulfillment button
  • The order is now ready to Fulfill

Three-Step Fulfillment 10-1




1. Navigate to Retail > My Queue > Fulfill

  •  Tap on the new order

Three-Step Fulfillment 11-1


2. The status of each product will, by default, be "Not Packed" until either the Fulfill button is tapped or scanned.

  • The Select button allows different batches to be chosen from, if applicable; if tapped, a popup will appear to choose the desired batch. 
  • When ready to fulfill the product, tap the Fulfill button or use a compatible scanner of the item being fulfilled
  • Repeat as necessary for each product of the order

NOTE: The Scan feature will only work if connected to a compatible scanner.


Three-Step Fulfillment 12-1


3. The status will change to "Packed" when fulfilled.

  • When all products have been fulfilled, tap the Checkout button at the bottom of the page

Three-Step Fulfillment 13-1


4. Select the payment method used from your options listed (These may be different than the ones you see, depending upon your Payment Methods selected in Global Settings).

  • Add any notes to the order, if desired
  • Tap the Complete button

Three-Step Fulfillment 14-1


5. If applicable, give any change due at this time.

Three-Step Fulfillment 15-1