ECOM | Strikethrough Pricing: BLAZE Retail POS

How to enable strikethrough pricing on your ECOM menu!

There are two ways you can set up discounts in the Blaze POS to show on your Ecom menu! 



Option 1: Storewide Sale

Create a storewide sale in Blaze to put a group of products on sale. This will trigger a strikethrough price for all applicable products. 

Make sure the sale is marked as 'enabled' in BLAZE! 

  • Need help building a storewide sale? Click here to see the BLAZE Retail instructions

Option 2: Sale Price

You can select the sale price on a per-product basis by modifying the 'sale price' of any individual product in the Blaze POS. 

You must modify the sale price for a quantity of '1' to reflect on the menu

Note: Strikethrough pricing will not display until the next sync after configuring the sale in Blaze.