Retail | How to Manually Add a Batch to a Product

This article goes over how to manually add a batch to a product. You can do this for Metrc or non-Metrc based products. Please keep reading to learn more.

Prerequisites to Add Batches to Products

  1. Make sure you have a vendor

  2. Make sure you have a product category

  3. Make sure a product has been added

Once the three things above have been done, you are now ready to add inventory to the product.

Manually Add a Batch to a Product

1. In BLAZE Retail, navigate to Inventory > All OR Inventory > specific category.

2. Search for the specific product you want to add inventory to and click into the product profile. 

3. Navigate to the Batches tab 

  • Click the Add Batch button 
  • Add the following mandatory information: the purchase / receive date, the quantity purchased, and either the unit cost OR the total price that was paid for it. 
  • OPTIONAL: Fill out the other available information.
  • Click the Save button
  • Click the Refresh Inventory button.
  • NOTE: By default, all batches are added to the inventory "Safe."

4. You now have a product with inventory that you can now sell.