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In this article, you will find what BLAZEPAY is, why you should use it, and an overview of our BLAZEPAY resources.


BLAZEPAY offers card based payment solutions that are fully integrated with BLAZE Retail Point of Sale (POS) through either a Point of Banking (Cashless ATM) or Pin Debit integration. This allows your customers to pay with their ATM / debit cards (with a PIN). Automatic nightly batching sent directly to the merchant's bank of account. 


Fully integrated payment platform that increases average cart sizes, eliminates manual entry errors, and allows for budtender tipping all while ensuring the merchant gets paid on time, all the time. BLAZEPAY is available for all merchants that have access to a bank account. BLAZEPAY works for retail storefronts as well as retail delivery.

Increase basket size and transaction volume

Increase your average cart size by 25%! With seamless integration to the POS, you will be able to service more customers faster.

 BLAZEPAY is mobile

BLAZEPAY has partnered with Dejavoo to provide mobile payment terminals which enables delivery services to accept payments on the go, curbside pickup or anywhere on the store floor. 

 Reconcile Payments BLAZING fast

All payments have a corresponding transaction ID from BLAZE ensuring you can tie every deposit to specific transactions ensuring your “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and “Anti-money Laundering” (AML) requirements are met.
 Cash Drawer Integration

BLAZEPAY integrates with the current BLAZE Retail cash drawer functionality to account for money as it leaves the drawer. This reduces the amount of human errors and ensures the numbers are straight at the end of the shift.


BLAZEPAY supports budtender tipping which incentivizes your team to provide the best customer service.

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