Retail | What Do the Different Reports Do?

Below is a simple breakdown of what each of the BLAZE Retail Reports do, by category.

Note: any reports tagged with "(RT)" are Real-Time reports, meaning that a custom date range cannot be set for them.

Use the links below to jump directly to a specific reports category:




All Sales Report

Displays all transactions for the selected date range, including products, member name, and costs/totals.

Average Transaction Time Report

Displays total transaction time, number of transactions and average checkout time for each type of shop queue (delivery, walk-in, special).

Cash Drawer Report

Report of cash drawer opening/closing per terminal, along with sales information.

Cancelation and Void Report

Displays transactions that were canceled or voided, and the details about them.

Customer Bought on Daily Basis

After selecting a member, report displays their purchases for time period specified.

Daily Summary Report

Dated daily report for each day the shop was active in selected date range, with sales, transaction and visit information.

Delivery Sales Report

Displays delivery sales for the specified time period, including member name and address, taxes, discounts and gross receipts.

Discount Used Report

List of all individual member transactions in selected date range, including discount details if one was applied.

Incoming Order Report

List of transactions initiated by consumer, included canceled or completed transactions.

Journal Entry Report

Dated report with summary of sales, discount, tax and fee totals.

Loss Report

This report shows only when a loss has been reported in inventory for a given date range.

Paid-In/Paid-Out/Cash Drawer Activity Report

Detailed version of cash drawer report with any changes to cash, in or out.

Profit Loss Report

Brief summary of cost/profit, with gross receipts for any day shop made a transaction.

Promotions Used Report

List of promotions that were used, with usage and total discounted amount.

Promotions/Reward Activity Report

More detailed view of promotions used, including every transaction that used a promotion and/or reward.

Refund History Report

List of dates and transactions that a refund was processed, including employee, member and what was refunded.

Sales By Cannabis Report

Lists cannabis type (hybrid, indica, sativa) with value, sale and tax information.

Sales by Consumer Type Report

Lists consumer type (medical, adult use) with value, transaction and tax info for each type.

Sales By City Report

List of Cities (per member addresses), with sales and receipts information for each type.

Sales By Day Report

List of any date that had store activity, with transaction, sale and fee information.

Sales By Hour Report

List of each day's sales by hour, with sales, tax, and transaction info for each hour. Can use custom date range to sort all dates in range by each respective hour.
NOTE: Sales per hour will be reflected in the hour directly after the hour they were completed in.

  • Ex: Sales made from 7:00 am - 7:59 am will be recorded in hour 8.
  • Ex: Sales made from 3:00 pm - 3:59 pm will be recorded in hour 16.

Sales By Membership Group Report

List of member groups (delivery, walk-in etc.) with gross receipts by group.

Sales By Payment Type Report

List of payment types by terminal, along with the date, transaction and gross receipts.

Sales By Product Category

List of sales by category with transaction numbers, sales and tax information.

Sales By Product

List of individual products with units sold, sale and tax information.

Sales By Queue

Lists queue type (delivery, walk-in etc) with gross receipt and number of transactions.

Tax Summary

Summary of Cannabis/Non-cannabis taxes and breakdown of dates the shop's taxable transactions occurred.


Total Sales Detail Report

Dated list of transactions with detailed breakdown, including taxes, discounts, and receipt information.


Total Sales Report

Dated list of members transactions - sales and refunds -  with tax, discount and gross receipt information.



Inventory Action Log

After selecting product, dated list of all inventory actions that've occurred on that product, including transfers and sales.

Inventory Aging Report

List of products that have been held for 0-30 days, 31-60, and 90+ days, along with their quantities and valuations. (RT)

Inventory By Cannabis Report

List of cannabis type (indica, hybrid, sativa) with total inventory COGS only. (RT)

Inventory Detail Report

After selecting an inventory ("all" if only one inventory), report list of products, current and sold, quantity and COGS.

Inventory Distribution Report

List of products with breakdown of current quantities in each particular inventory.

Inventory History Change Report

List of products with breakdown of each inventory quantities +/- one day. Can select which specific day to look at.

Inventory Movement Report

After selecting an inventory, displays a dated breakdown of any quantities changed due to transactions or transfers from the chosen inventory.

Inventory On-Hold Report

Dated list of products that currently have inventory on hold. The report also links to a transaction that has hold. (RT)

Inventory Procurement Report

Dated list of products with associated batch and quantity/cost of products included.

Inventory Product History Report

After selecting category/specific product, displays list of inventory actions (adds, holds, putbacks) and each inventory's quantities.

Inventory Product Sell Through Report

List of products, with average sold per day and current quantities with days remaining in inventory.

Inventory Reconciliation History Report

List of Reconciliations - if any - with breakdown of who initiated it, old and new quantities, and losses.

Inventory Snapshot History Report

Dated list of daily inventory snapshots taken per product. Includes inventory totals and COGS.

Inventory Transfer Report

Dated list of any transfer action taken, including origin, destination and amount transferred.

Inventory Valuation Report By Category Report

List of categories with available quantities and COGS. (RT)

Inventory Valuation Report

List of products with total available quantities, average cost across all batches and other data. (RT)

Low Inventory Report

List of products that have a low inventory threshold set up, with category, quantity remaining and low inventory threshold displayed.

Product Sell by Report

List of each product with batch ID, sell-by date and quantity remaining. (RT)

Return to Vendor Report

Dated list of products and batches that were returned to vendor.

Shipment Bill Report

Dated list of received POs, with paid/unpaid amount and PAID/UNPAID status.


30 Day Inactive Report

List of members that have been inactive for 30 days or more. (RT)

Member Performance Report

List of members with attributes: loyalty, visits, sales/gross sales, refunds.

Member By City Report

List of cities with members, along with number of members in each respective city. (RT)

Members Expiring Soon Report

List of members with upcoming drivers license or medical rec. expiration dates. (RT)

Membership By Doctor Report

List of doctors with number of members associated with that doctor. (RT)

Membership By Group Report

List of Member Groups with attributes, including revenue, number of new members and total members, (RT)

New Members Report

List of New Members for the date range specified. Includes number of transactions.

Total Active Members Report

Number of total active members. (RT)


Products By Vendor

List of all products with date defined quantity sold and sales.

Return to Vendor Report

Dated list of products and batches that were returned to vendor.

Sales By Vendor Report

List of vendors with respective sales and refunds for each.


Employee By Sales By Product Report

List of products sold, with employee that made sale and quantity sold.

Sales By Employee Report

List of employees with gross receipts, promotions used, transaction total, and total sales.



Employee Activity Report

Dated log of actions done by employees, listing action, category of action, and terminal.

Export All Members

Complete list of all members with associated member information: address, loyalty etc. (RT)

Export Product Batches

Complete list of all products with cost and information, with a separate line item for each batch of product. (RT)

Export All Products

Complete list of all products with cost and inventory quantities. (RT)

Store Performance Report

List of store(s) with gross receipts, total transactions and new members/total members.

Time Clock Report

Dated list of employee clock in / clock out, with total time clocked in per session.



Marketing Report

Lists all new members added in specified date range, along with marketing source and email.